We're looking for a rockstar sales rep!
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We are actively looking to bring on the top 1% of all humans to join our sales team

Top characteristics and traits consistent with success in this position:

- Hustle and Persistence
- Entrepreneur at heart
- A professional manner
- High integrity and honesty
- An SDR w/ good business sense
- Strong written communication, phone, presentation, and interpersonal skills
- Experience selling technology and/or software
- Highly organized and strong time management skills
- Ability to work in fast paced, changing environment with minimal direction

Position Perks
- Remote Position (work from home)
- Awesome commission structure with no cap
- Clearly laid out and communicated progression and promotion plan
- ROWE (Results Only Work Environment)

With top clients like GE & Google, Stectech is looking for our next outbound sales development rep to work for the leader in web design and development.
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What sales deal have you done that you're most proud of?

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Since the position is work from home only. We currently do not offer 401k, PTO, or Health Benefits.

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